Dysis’ Graduation

Dysis was feeling a bit down. On one hand, she was glad her father wanted to help with her university coursework. On the other, she wasn’t glad because (as far as Dysis knew) he had never tried to help her sister, Deli, with her work. It was true that Deli was a perfectly competent perfectionist who had only seen one grade (A+) throughout her entire academic career, but Dysis still wished that her father had the same confidence in her that he seemed to have in Deli and the other vampires.

But maybe she was reading way too much into nothing. Her father seemed to be in everyone’s business these days and she couldn’t say for sure whether he’d been in Deli’s or not. And even if he hadn’t been that didn’t necessarily mean he thought less of Dysis. Not wanting to obsess over illogical things, Dysis meditated, worked through her troubling thoughts and felt better.

She was exhausted the day of graduation. Her degree was something she’d worked hard for and she’d stayed up late the day before wrapping things up.

In three terms, while maintaining a social life, she managed to achieve

An A- GPA. Not perfect, but still worth celebrating. And you know what they say? Ds get degrees! But Dysis did significantly better than a D average and also landed a job. She’d be starting at level 8 as a Hedge Fund Manager at a fancy firm. So she straightened up.

After attending her graduation ceremony and getting her picture taken, she took a moment to celebrate outside with her classmates.

At home, her family threw a small, chill rooftop party to congratulate both Deli and Dysis on their graduations.

Deli prepared kava, while Dawn helped the DJ prep.

A handful of family and friends were invited: all of the girls’ older siblings, Dawn and Dysis’ boyfriends, Deli’s crush Cabe because …, Zachary and a few other family friends.

Deli sat down to talk with Cabe. She was still super into him, so she couldn’t resist. Instead of thanking her for hosting a party or congratulating her on her graduation, when no one else was paying attention he told her that getting her university degree was a silly waste of time because she’d already had a job when she enrolled and it wasn’t going to change. Besides, he knew more about marine biology as a lifeguard.

This was the moment when Deli finally realized that Cabe was vile (mean, actually) and not going to change, so she went inside. She didn’t want to cause a scene. There were other “un-nice” people around and there didn’t need to be any confrontations.

Inside, Deli found good, but slightly younger company. She ended up having a great conversation with her sister and Zachary.

Meanwhile, Dysis and her boyfriend were also enjoying the evening with some public (but not too public thanks to a large hat brim) displays of affection.

And the nursery was almost ready for baby #17. Adelise and Asher didn’t expect to have any more vampires as they were rare and four had already been born, but just in case, they had a prenatal scan of the baby. The results were as expected, baby #17 would be human. Not even a millisecond was spent in disappointment.

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